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Having a Baby

The birth of a child can be very joyful, but can also be complicated.  For support during this time, please contact our parish office at 317-846-3850. We can connect you with people who have had similar experiences.  

For Fertility Care, contact Hanna Fleckenstein at 260-849-1450.  

Caregiving Support

Do you find yourself overwhelmed and alone as you provide care for a loved one? Do you experience a range of feelings as you watch the one you love suffer? Do you sometimes need a non-judgmental ear to listen as you vent your frustrations?  Is your role as caregiver wearing you down? Are you at a loss as to where to turn for help? Please contact the parish office at 317.846.3850.

Death in the Family

Consolation Ministry

The death of someone we love changes our lives forever. And the movement from “before” to “after” is almost always a long, painful journey. For healing to take place, we must journey through the grief.

We are available to meet with you and to provide you with support and comfort throughout this time. Please feel free to contact the parish office at 317.846.3850.

If you are interested in this ministry and would like to help, contact the parish office by phone at 317-846-3850.

Dealing with Job Loss

Transitions are sometimes chosen and other times inflicted upon us. If you have recently lost a job and find yourself in an “in between” place, struggling and in need of guidance to help you discern or process this transition, we can offer you a listening ear and companion you through this change.

Please feel free to leave a message for Deacon Bill Reid with the church office at 317-846-3850, ext. 110, or email