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Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness


Do you or a loved one struggle with alcohol, drugs or other addictions and find your life disrupted by this addiction? Do you have questions about addiction or are seeking where to get help? We have a resource ministry that can be of assistance. Please contact the parish office at 317-846-3850.

Death in the Family

Consolation Ministry

The death of someone we love changes our lives forever. And the movement from “before” to “after” is almost always a long, painful journey. For healing to take place, we must journey through the grief.

We are available to meet with you and to provide you with support and comfort throughout this time. Please feel free to contact the parish office by calling 317-846-3850.

If you are interested in this ministry and would like to help, contact the parish office by phone at 317-846-3850.

Having a Baby

The birth of a child can be very joyful, but can also be complicated.  For support during this time, please contact our parish office at 317-846-3850..  We can connect you with people who have had similar experiences.  


For Fertility Care, contact Hanna Fleckenstein at 260-849-1450.

Caregiving Support

Do you find yourself overwhelmed and alone as you provide care for a loved one? Do you experience a range of feelings as you watch the one you love suffer? Do you sometimes need a non-judgmental ear to listen as you vent your frustrations?  Is your role as caregiver wearing you down? Are you at a loss as to where to turn for help? Please contact the parish office at 317-846-3850.

Hospital Visits

If a loved one is in the hospital and would like a visit from our Pastoral Care Ministry, please notify the parish office so that a Pastoral Care minister or staff minister from the parish can reach out to your loved one during hospitalization. Due to the Patient Privacy Act, hospitals cannot contact the parish when parishioners are hospitalized. Call the parish office at 317-846-3850 and leave your loved one’s name, hospital and room number. A visit will be arranged.

Spiritual Needs

As we journey through life, our spiritual needs may shift. If you have burning questions you’d like to explore or hunger for greater clarity about God’s action and presence in your life, we are available to walk with you during this time. Please contact the parish office at 317-846-3850 to connect with us.

Health Ministry & Wellness


Aspire to engage, educate and empower people of faith to be thoughtful about health and wellness for healthier communities.


Health Ministry encourages, supports and empowers parishioners to integrate faith in their health and the health of the entire community.


Health Ministry includes health professionals and others who incorporate the values, beliefs, and practices of our parish to motivate persons toward health.


Health promotion and religious beliefs are integrated in a sense of mutual dependence and foster persons’ ability to both give and receive care.


Health is a journey that starts before an incident and continues after recovery. The parishioner is connected to the church before, during and after the incident. Parishioners care for the total person, body, soul and spirit.


Coordinate, mentor and advocate for the individual/family, based on their health provider’s plan of care, to achieve self-care health goals. The methodology includes an assessment of the health needs/concerns of the parishioners with screenings, interviews and discussions.

Expected outcome

The individual/family enhances their faith and health with the knowledge that the relationship requires mutual nourishment. Individuals will accept the responsibility for their health.

For more information contact the parish office at 317-846-3850.