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Let's Become Saints Together.

Let's Become Saints Together.

Let’s Become Saints Together. image

A Practical Way to Make Your Mark on Church History.


Begin by clicking right here (or filling out the form at the bottom of this page).


There are a number of similarities when looking upon the Greats of History (the Saints, that is):

1. All were Eucharistic centered people.

2. All loved Mary, the Church, and the Saints.

3. All joyfully served their neighbor.

Sometimes the call to be a saint can seem impossible ⁠— and it is ⁠— but Christ has promised us one great gift, a gift that will get us to Heaven so long as we trust in him, his grace.


So, where can you begin, practically?

The path to sainthood can be incredibly beautiful.


Here is one practical step forward:

1. Click here to view our parish’s ministries and prayerfully consider how your baptism, personality, and gifts were given for the greater good of you and your neighbors.

2. Select the ministries you believe best suit you (or jump right in and try something totally new!).

3. Hit “Submit” and Fr. Doerr or one of our staff members will reach out to you soon and get you connected!


The Church needs great saints like you in today’s world. Will you heed the call from Christ?

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