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Preschool FAQ

Preschool FAQ

Do you offer financial aid and how do I apply?

Yes! The Seton Gala raises funds to support Catholic education, which allows the preschool to offer tuition assistance to families in need. Those interested in applying should submit a Parish Programming Financial Aid Application. All applications will be reviewed by the pastor. We also accept contributions to the tuition assistance fund. Contributions can be made through the preschool office.

What do I do when my child is sick? How do I know if he/she is too sick for school?

Our illness policy is in the Parent Handbook.  In general, if your child does not feel well enough to participate in the daily activities or is contagious to other children, he or she should stay at home.  You may call the Parish Life Center office at 317-816-0045 and leave a message for your child’s teacher.

What happens when the weather is bad?

We will follow the same procedures as Carmel Clay Schools when there is inclement weather.  If Carmel closes for the day, we will be closed.  If Carmel is on a two-hour delay, we will start at 10:30am.

When does school start?

Classes begin after Labor Day and end before Memorial Day.  In general, we follow the same calendar as Carmel Clay Schools with some exceptions.

Do you provide lunch?

Children are asked to bring their own nutritious lunch.  The school will provide a snack.

Do you include religious education in your program?

We believe that learning to love and serve God and others is one of the most important things a child can learn.  The children will participate in daily prayer in their classrooms and twice a month will visit the Day Chapel to learn songs, prayers and appropriate church behavior.  These prayer services will be led by our music minister and a priest.  Parents are invited to join us when they can.

What supplies are needed?

We will provide a canvas bag for each child to carry his or her things to school.  Parents are asked to provide a lunch box for their child.  All other supplies are provided by the school.