Fr. Theodore Rothrock, Pastor Read Father Ted's Blog
Fr. William Summerlin, Parochial Vicar
Fr. Joseph Vargese, Parochial Vicar
Fr. David Newton, Senior Associate
Rev. Mr. Bill Reid, Deacon | 317-846-1992
Fr. Hilary,
| 317-846-3850
Music & Liturgy


Clara Duray, Director of Music Ministry | Ext. 3144
Mark Duray, Director of Music Ministry | Ext. 3144
Charlie Dispenzieri, Director of Worship
Adele Duckett, Music Ministry Administrative Assistan
Formation & Parish Life


Roger Helmkamp, Pastoral Associate
Kristen Swift, Coordinator of Religious Education for Preschool & Elementary
Greg Fleckenstein, Coordinator of Youth Ministry for Middle School
Emily Sipes, Coordinator of Youth Ministry for High School
Elisabeth Groot, Director of Adult Faith Formation
Dan McFeely, Coordinator of Adult Faith Formation for Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) | 317-843-9213
Peter Doane, Director of Evangelization and the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
Sr. Carole Kimes, Director of Pastoral Care
Hanna Fleckenstein, Fertility Care | 260-849-1450
Julie Walton, Pastoral Assistant
Karen Watson, Administrative Assistant
Preschool & Kindergarten


Tracy Schnase, Pre-School Director
Mindy Fleming, Assistant Teacher (2 year olds)
Missy Helm, Teacher (2 year olds)
Peggy Wantuck, Teacher (2 year olds)
Colleen Mabry, Assistant Teacher (2 year olds)
Deanna Boyce, Teacher (3 year olds)
Sara Carlisle, Teacher (3 year olds)
Laura Jacko, Teacher (3 year olds)
Joy Sweeney, Teacher (3 year olds)
Cheryl Reynon, Assistant Teacher (3 year olds)
Jan Sondles, Assistant Teacher (3 year olds)
Jennifer Goedde, Teacher (4 year olds)
Erin Pickering, Teacher (4 year olds)
Louella Brual, Assistant Teacher (3 & 4 year olds)
Jennifer Lewis, Assistant Teacher (4 year olds)
Alice Morton, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Renee Phares, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Keely Underhill, Assistant Teacher (Pre-Kindergarten)
Brenda Faulkner, Assistant Teacher (Pre-Kindergarten)
Jody Brennan, Kindergarten Teacher
Liane Knack, Assistant Teacher (Kindergarten)

Susan McRoberts, Director of Athletics
Administrative Staff

Kevin Sweeney, Director of Parish Finance and Operations
Susan Land, Parish Publications
Kristin Mattson, administrative Assistant
Sheila Schildbach, Business Office Assistant
Stephanie Knipp, Coordinator of Communications and Marketing
Teri Wedge, Chef/Kitchen Manager

Susan McRoberts, Director of Parish Facilities
Steve Kahl, Maintenance Supervisor
Nathan Jackson, Maintenance
Tremaine Tucker, Maintenance
Carl Bruhn, Maintenance