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Victim Assistance

Victim Assistance

How to report an incident of sexual abuse of a minor

Who Should Make Reports:  Victims of child sexual abuse by a person ministering on behalf of the Church.  Persons with a suspicion that a child may be sexually abused by a person ministering on behalf of the Church.  Persons concerned about violations about our Code of Conduct regarding appropriate behavior with children by any person ministering on behalf of the Church.

How to Make a Report:  Indiana law requires that any individual who has reason to believe that a child is a victim of abuse or neglect must report immediately to:  The local Child Protection Services agency (Hotline:  800-800-5556); or A local law enforcement agency.  Under Indiana law, it is a criminal act not to make such a report.  This law applies to all adults without exception.

By Phone to the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana:
Jackie Montrie M.A., LMFT, LMHC Victim Assistance Coordinator of the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana at (765) 464-4988, or Max Layden, Conduct in Ministry Officer:  (765) 463-2242, or Office of the Vicar General:  (765) 269-4601

By Mail to the Diocese of Layayette-in-Indiana:
Please compose a detailed description of the facts/incidents of the abuse and send it to Mr. Max Layden:  P.O. Box 909, Lafayette, IN 47902

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