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A Few Words from Father Dave

A Few Words from Father Dave

  • Today in Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton
  • Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
  • 10 July 2020


I have heard this question recently. Perhaps my own perspective would be helpful.

Why wasn’t a priest named parish administrator?

The administrator needs to be an ordained member of the clergy. Deacon Bill is a member of the clergy. Actually, he has already been a parish administrator of Seton earlier in his tenure here. I fully support Deacon Bill in this ministry. I was asked to be parish administrator by Bishop Doherty. I told him I would not be able to do it. I told the Bishop that with my heart issues, I can only work about four hours a day. I also told him that a couple of months ago I realized – specifically – why I am at Seton. I am a priest. As a priest, I seem to have some gifts in the areas of peace and healing. And I believe my role here at Seton is to be a priest, not an administrator. The Bishop was very accepting of my comments.


DJNewton, priest